Newborn Must Haves

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I'm currently pregnant with my second baby and I wanted to share everything on my wish list. Picking out things this time around has been so fun! So many amazing things have come out since my last pregnancy.

The first thing on my wish list is the Dock-a-Tot. I've heard so many amazing things about this co-sleeper pillow. My son co-slept with us for quite a while so I'm excited to have a safe sleeping spot for the new baby. I've also read many reviews that said it makes transitioning your baby to their own bed much easier.

This Pacifier and Pacifier Clip are so cute! My son would never take a Paci so I never got to buy these cute accessories.

This knotted Beanie and Headband are such a stylish alternative to average infant hats. I'm having a little girl this time so I plan on stocking up on all the girly headbands and hats I can find!

You can never have too many Onesies! I love this style of onesie that wraps to the one side. It makes diaper changes a breeze. I try to stock up on a few of my favorite basic colors and match them to pattern pants or hats.

This super cute and convenient Carseat Cover from Milk Snob was another product that wasn't around 3 years ago. It keeps your precious baby out of the sun and protected from germs. It also doubles as a cart cover and nursing cover. They have so many patterns to choose from.

Sink baths are always a favorite of babies. This Lotus Bath insert for the sink looks so cozy and easy to use.

A good Travel System is a must have! Having a stroller you can easily attach the infant car seat to is a life saver.

Just a few years ago when I was searching for a stylish diaper bag I had so much trouble finding one I liked. Now theres so many amazing ones to choose from! This Backpack Diaper Bag from Skiphop has awesome reviews and I love the sleek design. It has room for all of baby's necessities as well as mom's iPad/Laptop and pocket for your phone and keys.

Every new baby needs Swaddle Blankets! Muslim blankets are my favorite because they make it so easy to perfectly swaddle your baby.

This Silicone Bottle is another new product for me. My son had tummy issues and colic so I want to have a few bottles on hand for the new baby that can help with that. We used Dr. Brown bottles and I loved them but they had so many parts to clean! I'm curious to see if the silicone bottle keeps the bubbles out without all the extra parts.

My last favorite is Moccasins! No these aren't a must have but boy are they cute. I really do think the moccasin style is the most comfortable for babies that are crawling and learning to walk. The soft leather allows them to still feel the ground and the bottoms of their feet. Also the elastic means they can't kick them off!

What are your favorite new baby products?

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