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Rock'n'Play Sleeper
This is one of my must haves for new babies! The model that we had vibrated and had to be rocked manually. The one I linked is the newest model and it looks pretty amazing! First of all it rocks your baby for you and second it isn't battery powered so it will rock for up to 6 hours while you and baby sleep. What I loved most about this sleeper is the inclined seat which makes your baby feel like they're being held and snuggled. The incline is also great for babies with acid reflux which my son did have.

My son was a spring/summer baby and he lived in onesies! They make diaper changes super easy. I would register for at least 7 or more. A few short sleeve, long sleeve, and maybe a few with cute designs to pair with outfits.

Baby Swing
I made the mistake of not purchasing a swing before my son was born and boy did I regret that! When Lee was around 2 months old we finally caved and bought a Fischer Price swing after many family members told us that it was a must have. He loved it and I finally got him to take a nap longer than 30 minutes! He struggled a lot with napping during the day and the swing did a great job of calming him down and rocking him to sleep. Look for one that plugs into the wall, has a mobile, and plays music or nature sounds.

Even though we currently co-sleep I do think a crib is a must have for most parents. It's a safe sleep space for your baby and you definitely need that at some point in the day!

This teether is as amazing as everyone says and yes you do need it. It's soft and squishy and perfect for baby's sore gums.

Swaddle Blankets
Being tightly swaddled in a soft blanket makes baby feel safe and comfortable. I had around 3 swaddle blankets and 3 receiving blankets. They were great for bedtime as well as feeding time.

Travel System
Having a stroller that connects with your infant's carseat is amazing! This is the travel system that I own and I love it. You can connect the infant carseat to the stroller frame or you can connect it to the stroller frame with stroller seat so that you can completely cover your baby with the shades. The stroller seat can be turned into more of a bassinet style and face you or it can be transformed into a toddler seat and face away from you. In the last 8 months we have used the infant carseat with stroller frame the most. It is so easy to transfer him from the car to the lightweight stroller frame while still being in his carseat.

Changing Table
A changing table was another item that I was on the fence about but in the end was so happy I purchased. Having all of the diaper changing necessities in one place was amazing. The soft changing pad was also great for after bath time when it was time for lotion and changing into pjs.

Diaper Genie
You must have this or your house will smell like dirty diapers! Seriously though this isn't just a must have this is a need. We have had this from the beginning and the one day we ran out of the bags was the smelliest day ever. It made me realize how important having one of these in your nursery is.

Hooded towels are not only super cute but they are great for keeping baby warm after bath time. Lee loved being wrapped up and cuddled after his baths. I would say about 4 hooded towels and 4 wash cloths should be good.

My favorite bottles are hands down Dr. Brown bottles. The filtering system helped tremendously with my son's gas and reflux issues. The filter keeps the baby from sucking in air that can cause painful stomach cramps and gas. These stomach issues could also leave you with a cranky restless baby which is no fun for mom and dad. 

Having a bath tub just for baby was very convenient and took many of my bath time worries away. I purchased the 4MOMS tub from Target and I absolutely loved it. It read the water temperature and would beep if the water became too hot. It also had plugs in each section so that new clean water was constantly being filtered through. What I loved most is that it fit perfectly in our kitchen sink and was light weight and easy to store.

These are the pacifiers they give you in the hospital and I do think they are the best. My son only used his for a short time but I have heard from many mothers that they are a lifesaver especially at night. I would have a few on hand for when baby comes home from the hospital.

From drooling to spit up to baby's first puree you will need to have more than a few bibs on hand. I would suggest buying more of the medium to large bibs and only a few newborn sizes. 

Burp Cloths
Oh you will need so many of these! I think I used at least 2 a day for the first 3 months. If you don't want to do laundry constantly I would suggest getting at least 8 burp cloths. Gerber cloth diapers work great as well and they are very affordable. 

This thermometer is great for babies over 6 months and easy to use. I would suggest a digital thermometer that can be used for under arm and rectal temperatures for younger babies. I keep one at home and in the diaper bag.

Nasal Aspirator
I've used this type of nasal aspirator ever since Lee came home from the hospital. It's cheap and it gets the job done. I keep one in the diaper bag as well as at home. 

Bumbo Seat 
My son is 8 months old and we are still using this Bumbo seat! This particular model transforms from a padded seat for smaller babies into a hard seat for bigger babies. It has a feeding tray and straps that allow for it to be safely strapped onto a dining chair. We started using it at around 3 months to help him practice sitting up. By 4 months we used it for feeding solids and now at 8 months we are still using it for every meal time. When we first started solids I sat the Bumbo on top of our counter which made it much easier to feed him. The seat stays in place very well but of course you should never leave them unsupervised. Now that Lee is bigger I use the straps to secure it to one of our dining room chairs. It's also been a great thing to have when traveling or when he stays at his grandparents house.

These are great for keeping your baby warm and cozy without blankets. My son wears footie pjs almost every night. I would say you need at least 5 maybe more if your having a winter baby.

Lee was born with a ton of hair so beanies weren't exactly a necessity. However I do think it's a good idea to have a few on hand in case your baby does need them. I would suggest bringing one to the hospital as part of your baby's going home outfit.

Socks are great for baby's feet as well as their hands. I regret purchasing the baby mittens because socks did the job just fine. I would suggest purchasing at least 6 pairs of socks for your new baby.

Baby Bjorn Carrier
I tried both this Baby Bjorn carrier and one of those wrap carriers for my son. This one ended up working out the best for us. He loved the freedom of having his legs and arms hanging out. This was a lifesaver for when I was trying to get things done around the house. I would also highly suggest having one of these if you plan on going on vacation with your new baby. I used this to carry Lee to the beach everyday during our Florida vacation this past summer. It was also great for those days we did a lot of shopping or walking around. Sometimes the stroller is just too bulky or your baby just wants to be held. Either way this carrier is great to have on hand!

Skip Hop Diaper Bag
To be honest I wasn't too excited about picking out a diaper bag. Every diaper bag I had ever seen just wasn't my style and if it was my style then it was way out of my price range! That was until I stumbled upon the Skip Hop brand diaper bags. Every bag they make is both functional and cute! The one I linked is the exact one I own. It was many compartments, a changing pad, stroller straps, and most importantly a long comfortable strap. In the end any diaper bag will do the job but I will say that you definitely need one. The messes that have ended up in my diaper bag are not something you ever want in your nice handbag trust me!

The pack'n'play is a must have for a traveling baby. Whether it's a family vacation or just an overnight stay at grandma's house this is great to have. I like this one in particular because of the detachable changing pad that can be flipped over and used as a bassinet. I had it in our bedroom when we first brought Lee home from the hospital. It made diaper changes super easy and it also gave us another safe place to lay him down to nap. 

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