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I'm sure everyone has seen these lists of must have items for your hospital bag and I'm sure most of you would agree that many of them are a little over board. So I thought I would go ahead and share my list of sh*t you really need! 
First let's go over the things you don't need to bring but I very often see included on these lists. You don't need toiletry items, diapers, rash creams, formula, bottles, pacifiers, or any pillows or blankets for mom and dad. Basically any medical items for yourself and baby are provided. Also pretty much anything your baby absolutely needs in their first few days of life is provided by the hospital.
Now to the list of things I think you need...

For Mama
Comfy PJ's/lounge wear - This is a great going home outfit for mom
Robe - My hospital room was freezing and this was a great way to keep warm
Nightgown - I think two night shirts or gowns are a great thing to have. After you give birth the nurses have to check you "down there" multiple times during your hospital stay and wearing a gown makes it much less of a hassle. I made the mistake of not bringing my own night gown and I wore the hospital gown almost the whole time!
Comfy undies - Boy shorts are the best option. You need underwear that is comfortable and that you can easily wear a pad with. The pads you have to use after birth are thick and dainty cute undies just won't work!
Nursing bras - If you plan on breast feeding then I would definitely bring a nursing bra because there will be many feedings within your baby's first few days. If your not breast feeding I would bring a comfy bralette or sports bra to wear. Your breasts get very swollen and full of milk and a underwire bra or anything too constricting is a no no. 
Slippers - There will be a few times you'll have to get out of the hospital bed during your stay and having a comfy pair of slip on shoes near by makes life much easier.
Makeup/personal care items - Deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes for mom and dad. Makeup essentials if you plan on using them (I brought makeup but never used it). I didn't bring any shower items or hair care. I used the body wash they provided me and I don't think I washed my hair while there. Your so exhausted from giving birth and taking care of the baby that looking good is the last thing on your mind. Of course if your having a c-section or going to be at the hospital for longer than usual then you should pack additional items. 

For Baby
Car seat - An infant car seat with the base already installed in the car and the straps adjusted. I made the mistake of not doing anything with the car seat beforehand and we were frantically trying to figure it all out moments before taking baby home.
Going home outfit - This is really the only outfit your baby needs. The whole time we were at the hospital my son was in the shirt they provided and we was swaddled in a receiving blanket. Between learning how to care for your baby and trying to get rest you really don't have time to change your baby's outfit. 
Sleeper - I would bring at least one pair of pjs for baby. If its cold in the hospital or on the way home its good to have a warm comfy option for baby to wear.
Hat - Sometimes its too cold outside for baby's head and ears so a beanie is necessary. Also most babies are born bald so even in spring weather a hat helps keep them warm. 
Blanket - We used the receiving blanket provided by the hospital most of the time but brought a soft comfy blankey to drape over baby for the ride home.

For Dad
Comfy top and bottoms - long sleeve or short sleeve top and shorts or pants depending on the weather. I would bring two of each for dad. My husband had a pair of sweatpants and two t shirts.
Underwear and socks - just a few of these essential items
Ipad or laptop - He won't have much time for these items but they're nice to have in case you have long labor or a longer than anticipated hospital stay. My husband used his to upload the hundreds of pictures we had been taking.
Camera - SO IMPORTANT! Don't mind what you look like and take a million pictures and videos. Trust me you'll want to look back on those memories.

Last but not least don't forget the CHARGERS/BATTERIES!

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  1. Where is the nightgown pictured from?

  2. I would love to know where the nightgown and robe pictured are from. Thanks!

    1. H&M! I made this a while ago so it might not be available anymore.

  3. Where can I find the car seat? Love it!

  4. Great list. Simple but essential items. Every other list I've seen seemed a bit extensive. Thanks for this!

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  6. I wish you had links for these items, they're adorable! I want all of them!