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The last few months have been a whirlwind actually this entire last year was. We moved from Fort Wayne back to St. Louis to be closer to family in February. Before we moved we found out we were expecting baby #2!! Rewind to this past fall when we decided it was time to try for another baby. We always knew we wanted our kids to be about 3 years apart. Over Christmas I started feeling sick and just a bit off. Then around New Years the sick feeling really intensified and I just knew then I was pregnant. I took a test a few days after the new year and it was positive! We are so excited to be welcoming another baby into the family. Before moving I had my first doctor's appointment and ultrasound. It didn't go as expected and I left that appointment feeling terribly anxious. A week later and only a few days before moving I had another ultrasound with a specialist. Luckily this one went much better and I left feeling much more hopeful. It would be another week of waiting for test results before I could get past much of the worry I was feeling. We were so thankful when the test results came back good and we also found out we are having a girl!! Even though my pregnancy got off to a rocky start I learned a lot about how I want to handle future pregnancies. It also reminded me how lucky I am to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy children. 

After moving I found a new doctor and have had a great experience since. I'm currently 30 weeks and I can't believe it! We are so happy to be home and near family again. I'm stressing about getting everything ready for baby girl and researching all the new baby things. Also shopping for girly things is super fun. So far lots of floral blankies, big bows, baby turbans, and a dock-a-tot are on my must have list!
Another thing I'm excited about this time around is using essential oils and natural products during my pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I discovered oils when Lee was around two and I've been using them ever since. We've been using them for immune support, sleep, and more. I've also been obsessed with researching all of the products we use and switching them out with safer options. I look back at the medications and baby products I used when Lee was born and it actually makes me sick. We'll be using non-toxic products only this time around!

That's I all have to ramble about for now! I will post a pregnancy update soon!

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