Our Big Move

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I haven't updated my blog much since I had my son in March 2015, over two years ago! I feel bad that I didn't keep up with it because that had been a big goal of mine. I wanted to document all of the moments of my son's life so that I could look back on them forever. Between being a new mom and working I just never found the time. However now I have much more time to dedicate to doing things I love. I recently became a stay at home mom! Well more like a work from home mom but I'll get into that later. These past few months of being with my son every minute has been wonderful, challenging at times but wonderful. We recently made a big move away from our hometown of St. Louis, Missouri to Fort Wayne, Indiana. My husband had an interview with a company here in April, then in early May he got a job offer and here we are! We only had two weeks to pack all of our things and find a place to live here. It has been a crazy, exciting, and stressful adventure. Leaving my home and my family has been very difficult but I'm excited about our future here in our new city. Now that its been a few months I'm starting to feel more comfortable here and Lee and I have been having a lot of fun together.

Our Last Months in STL
Lee turned 2 on March 31st! I can't believe how fast time is flying. The saying "The days are long but the years are short." couldn't be more true especially when you're a parent. His big gift was an iPad from mom and dad. He also got a lot of minion toys, a wooden farmhouse, and a scooter. All from the grandparents!
Lee with his beloved iPad. Kitty games are his favorite.
 We brought him to Build-a-Bear to make a Minion. He wasn't very interested in the building process but loved the final product!

In April we drove to Indiana for my husband's job interview. The company was nice enough to invite Lee and I along as well so we could explore the city. The drive there was longer than I excepted but Lee didn't seem to mind! He had Minions on repeat and lots of snacks to keep him busy.

Lee relaxing in the hotel room. We tried a great restaurant downtown called The Hoppy Gnome. They had amazing tacos and even a goldfish taco for Lee. Our hotel Don Hall's Guesthouse was awesome. 

Before the Move
Before leaving for Fort Wayne we spent a lot of time with family in St. Louis. Lee enjoyed playing in his kiddie pool, going out on his Papa's boat, and eating out a lot with mom and dad.

Lee is such a big animal lover. He loves his Papa's cats! 

We also made sure to take him to Grant's Farm before we left St. Louis. If your ever in that area it's an amazing place to go with your kids. You get to take a tram ride to the farm with a view of many animals. There's an area where you can feed the baby goats bottles. Also you can feed the birds, like Lee is doing here. They have amazing brats and free beer! Yes you read that right, two free beers for each adult. Brewed right in St. Louis.

Moving Day
Moving day was very stressful! You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to pack it in a truck. Luckily we had a lot of help from family and my dad and brother followed us to Indiana to help unpack. After almost 6 hours in the car with Lee and hours of unpacking we went out to dinner with my dad. Lee also had a great time swimming in the pool at my dad's hotel.

 Oliver enjoyed the long car ride.
Lee at our first trip to the grocery after the move.

Since then we've had many park days and lots of swimming. Now that we're settled in I plan on doing more posts about our little adventures here in Indiana.

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